Welcome to the website of Masaki Mori’s Laboratory in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University, Japan!

The main purpose of this seminar is to study perceptual and cognitive functions relating to the mind and the body. We aim to discover various perceptual and cognitive phenomenon, to verify models, and to construct models.
The principal investigator (Masaki Mori) engages in a specialized study of visual perception, and especially spatial perception and cognition. These studies aim to contribute to the development of psychological assessment, the evaluation of motor performance, the technical development of virtual reality, etc.


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  • Research Interest 研究の関心
    Space Perception and Cognition  空間の知覚と認知
    Mathematical Analysis of Psychological Phenomena  心理現象の数理解析
    Perceptual Property of Children with Developmental Disability  発達障害児の知覚特性
    Relationship between Perception and Physical exercise 知覚と身体運動の関係
  •  Specialized Field 専門分野
    Experimental Psychology  実験心理学

    Mathematical Psychology  数理心理学
    Clinical Psychology  臨床心理学
    Physical Education 身体教育学

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Masaki Mori